Matviienko: It’s easier to get into shape through games

Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Shakhtar defender told about working at the training camp in Lagos and the players’ leisure activities

- The team are kicking off their Atlantic Cup campaign to hold another series of friendlies in the coming days. Are you happy to start the camp’s match period?
- Yes, I am. I think it’s easier to get into shape through games, so I am looking forward to the moment when they start. Step by step we are improving our form. We step it up every game, also raising our training pace every session. Owing to that, we are approaching our top form.

- Every day, you have increasingly more tactical and playing drills. Are physical workloads becoming secondary?
- At the first camp, we did some running, boosting our physical activity. And now, we are practising tactical interactions. We train twice a day and go to the gym. That’s somewhat exhausting, but everyone’s got used to it. Training camp is part of our work. Everyone perfectly understands and knows what we are preparing for.

- How do you relax after the sessions?
- We don’t have much free time here. After the morning session, we just return to our rooms and have some rest. Then comes the second session. Only in the evening we have the possibility to get busy doing something else: someone plays games on a console, someone else just rests. I know that the guys conduct video game tournaments. But I, for instance, don’t take part in them – that’s just not my cup of tea.