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Stepanenko: Fitness is a part of my life

Wednesday, January 4, 2017



The Donetsk side midfielder is telling about his holiday and New Year festivities

– Taras, Happy New Year! How have you been spending your holiday? 
– Perfectly well! I went for a trip to the Maldives with my wife, we baked in the sun a little. We had seen the New Year in along with our children and parents in Shidnytsia. I also plan to be taking a rest for the remaining days until the training camp starts, since I have so little time left. Very soon, we will start preparing for the upcoming Europa League round of 32 against Celta. Our goal is coming through to the next round.

– Are you going to stay in Ukraine before the end of your holiday, or do you plan to go anywhere else?
– I am going to travel a little bit. I had presented my wife the trip to Great Britain as a New Year gift. We will go around the places, where they had been shooting her favourite film about Harry Potter, and make a visit to Warner Bros studio.

– Will you share your secret of how you manage to keep fit?
– I have been always sticking to some diet and trying not to eat junk food. Of course, I regularly go to a fitness centre what became a part of my life long ago, including when on holiday.