Malyshev: I really miss Donbass Arena

Thursday, January 5, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder tells about his journey to the Seychelles, the trip to Donetsk and football

– Maksym, how’s your holiday going so far?
– Everything’s fine. Initially I went to the Seychelles together with Vanya Ordets and Bohdan Butko, then I arrived in Donetsk and saw the New Year in with my family. I’ve already been preparing for the upcoming training camp, exercising regularly to keep fit. We gather together with the guys and play football.

– You’ve decided not to break the tradition and see this New Year in also in Donetsk?
– I try to come home at the earliest opportunity, because I have planned out my vacation including the must-do of going to Donetsk for the New Year celebration. My family, the close people and relatives live here. This time, I was accompanied by Bohdan Butko, I also met with Vitali Vitsenets and the guys from Shakhtar Academy. Of course, I’ve been to the Donbass Arena. I’ve been missing our beautiful stadium so much. I am sure that sooner or later we will get back to Donetsk and please our fans with the spectacular performance and wins.

– Who of the guys do you keep in touch with? Do you miss football?
– I’ve been pretty much missing our training sessions, the lads and the team. I look forward to the training camp and the season’s second part. I frequently talk to Bohdan Butko and Vanya Ordets. I’ve received numerous birthday and New Year wishes, also exchanging messages with my teammates. In short, we stay in touch with one another.