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Pyatov: I look forward to meeting up with team

Friday, January 6, 2017



Shakhtar goalkeeper has told us about his current winter holidays

 Andriy, the vacation comes to an end, have you gained strength before the start of the season’s second half?
– Of course I have, especially because the vacation turned to be eventful. First thing, my wife and I went to the Dominican Republic. Because we hadn’t gone anywhere with Yuliya for about five years before that. And on New Year's Eve, we flew to France together with the kids and spent some time in the mountains. We always try to travel somewhere really snowy for the New Year holidays. Last year we went to Finland – the homeland of Santa Claus. And now we are going to Western Ukraine to visit Vasya Kobin. He has invited us for Christmas. It’s really interesting to see how they mark this holiday in Zakarpattia, as they have their special customs and traditions.

 Have you been missing football?
– Of course, I’ve been missing it all: the lads, the training process, the matches. I look forward to meeting up with the team. By the way, we’ve been training together with Anton Kanibolotskyi. At first it was tough, but now we’ve got used to it. Each of us has a training programme made by our fitness experts, so I spend some time improving my form. We have a crucial stage ahead. We need to work hard at the training camp and prepare for the meeting with Celta.

 What objectives have you set for yourself in 2017?
– I want this year to be no worse than the previous one. So far, everything’s going well for Shakhtar. We’ve made a good start in the domestic league, also making it through to the spring stages in the Europa League. If we continue in the same vein, we will surely achieve the set goals.