Ordets: I dream of winning the league title

Saturday, January 7, 2017



Shakhtar defender tells about his vacation, training sessions and plans for 2017

 Ivan, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! What’ve you been busy with while on vacation?
 Thank you! Taking advantage of the occasion, I’d like to extend my season greetings to all the fans. I wish them peace, happiness and health. Our family was vacationing with the families of Maks Malyshev and Bohdan Butko. We’ve gained strength before the start of the season’s spring part. I saw in the New Year in Kyiv, while at the moment I'm at home, in Volnovakha. Here I have many relatives and friends. I’d like to see them all, give them gifts, talk to them, so I’ve been travelling continuously.

 But you don’t forget football?
 I make time to keep in shape and to play some football, I also follow the news and watch the broadcasts. The weather doesn’t allow to jog outdoors, so I exercise indoors. Honestly, I’m missing our training sessions. The muscles need some decent workload.

 What wish did you make on the New Year's Eve?
 This season we really want to claim the league title. With Shakhtar I won the Cup and Super Cup of Ukraine, but have never enjoyed the league triumph yet. That’s my dream! That’s why, of course, I really want to claim the league title this year. Besides, we should also try to advance in the Europa League as far as possible.