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Petriak: That’s an entirely different level

Friday, July 14, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder answered the reporters’ questions before the training session

- What emotions are you experiencing?
- Only positive ones. I don’t have much experience, because Shakhtar is just my second team. In general, I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to move to the Donetsk club.

- What exactly were you surprised with?
- Just every little thing. They perfectly welcomed me, the guys support me both in games and in training. To be honest, I didn’t expect this kidn of attitude towards the newcomer. I adapted quickly enough and I’m happy with the new stage in my career.

- Nevertheless, you moved to Shakhtar as the Ukraine player ...
- Right, but every team do it in different ways, there may happen some disagreements. We haven’t had anything like that so far, only positive things are present. I didn’t expect the staff to be so supportive: physios, masseurs, recovery staff. They constantly ask me how I feel. This attitude is very nice.

- Is the Champions League a new challenge in your career?
- Of course it is. That’s an entirely different level. Undoubtedly, that’s a new challenge, but to play in such a competition you need to display your best qualities in every match and give your all in training.

- What are your goals for this season and what do you want to achieve in general?
- Shakhtar are the team with top goals. Therefore, the players must set themselves the highest goals. You neem to prove your capability in every training session. Maybe, not even to the mentors, but to yourself. It’s necessary to cling to the chance and to make it to the starting line-up to begin with, and then we'll see.

- Is it hard when there are so many Brazilians in the team?
- Nothing wrong with that. They are just people like us. I think we can compete with them, and I'm okay with that.