Fonseca: We were better

Sunday, July 16, 2017



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach after the match in Odesa

- Good evening. I think the victory of our team is well-deserved. We got off to a flying start and scored an early goal. After that we operated well, although the opponents reacted and they also had some chances. In the second half we fully dominated and controlled the game. However, we shouldn’t forget that Dynamo remain a strong team, and we always find the games against them tough. I think we’ve just been better today.
- Is late last season’s Dynamo any different from the current Dynamo?
- Yes, those are two different teams. A new coach always comes up with different ideas. I’m not saying that the Kyivans play better or worse, as I never make such comparisons. But the style of today's Dynamo was different from that of Rebrov’s squad.

- What could you say about the fans’ behaviour?
- Football in such stadiums is spectacular. It’s always a great honour for us to perform in the arenas with such an atmosphere. Of course, when people overdo it, everything gets not that good. But I want to talk about just positive things. I can only appreciate the magnificent atmosphere that reigned in the stadium. I think the fans liked the performance produced by the two best teams. That’s the most important thing. Football is a great sight!

- Dynamo are to face Young Boys. What can you advise them so that the Kyiv outfit don’t fall into the same trap?
- It's very sad to recall that now. I forgot about that a long time ago. Playing Young Boys is not easy. I don’t know if the current team is different from the one we met. What I can wish Dynamo in that encounter – the best of luck.

- Do Shakhtar still have the potential for growth?
- Yes! I think that basically everything in our life works like that: if we get complacent, that's a bad sign. We work every day to be better. In football, it’s always important to improve your performance, and that’s the direction we’re going to take. There’s always room for growth.

- What’s your biggest dream at the helm of Shakhtar?
- To win the next match. I don’t make great plans for the future. Yes, today we can still celebrate the victory. However, we need to return to Kyiv now, and tomorrow we’ll start training before the next game.

- What do you make of the pitch quality?
Its condition is good. When I come to the stadium and see a quality pitch turf, I always rejoice. There can’t be a good show on a bad pitch, especially when it comes to matches of this level.

- Last season, you were opposed by Serhii Rebrov, who already works with a club in Saudi Arabia. How can a coach from Ukraine make it to Europe’s top league, according to you?
- What should Ukrainians do? The same thing as the Portuguese or the Italians, – just work every day and get better. It's always difficult to get into the top league. In Europe, there are many excellent, strong coaches. But we all must believe in our work. The Ukrainian mentors have enough qualities to make it to Europe in the near future and prove themselves there. The same can be said about the players. I think Ukraine has a great football potential. However, they need more people in the stadiums to improve the image and showcase this picture.

- How did your formation and tactic change after Kucher had left?
- In no way. We don’t adjust our playing style to the players.