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Kryventsov: Congratulations to the team on their good start

Tuesday, July 18, 2017



The head coach of Shakhtar U21 team reflects on the victorious start to the season in the encounter with Vorskla

- Firstly, I want to congratulate the team on their good start! We started the league season with a win, claiming three points in the away match. Given that we are facing a meeting with Dynamo, the outcome is also important from a psychological point of view. If we analyse the game, we’ve played  in a very powerful manner in the first half: we operated briskly, with the opponents not managing to keep up with us, we gained the advantage and left for the break being 2-0 in front. In the dressing room, we told the guys that that’s an insecure score and that in the second half we need to consolidate our success. In addition, we had a numerical advantage after a Poltava player had been sent off. But it turned just the other way around. Every player felt that the result was secure and they could relax. As a result, we conceded a goal, having two or three more unpleasant moments. It's good that we came to our senses on time, scoring the third goal and securing the win. Now we are going to prepare for the game versus our arch-rivals in a good mood.

- Several players have debuted for Shakhtar U21. What can you say about them?
- All the guys did well, they came out with great desire and wanted to prove themselves. I’m very happy with the performance of Volodymyr Yakimets: he played reliably, diligently, winning numerous challenges and being helpful offensively when the team had the ball. Yefym Konoplya had some positional errors, but we also thanked him and congratulated him on his debut. Well, Oleksii Kaschuk did very well as a sub player: he was active and notched up a goal.

- Already in the second round the Miners are facing an important encounter with Dynamo. Is it good or bad to have such an important game early in the league season?
- A bit disturbing is the fact that we didn’t have enough time to introduce our playing principles to the squad. And given that many players came from the U19 team, it will take more time. The main thing is that the guys quickly grasp that it’s not youth football any more, that they are to face the adult opponents and operate at a fully different pace. We’ll try to maximally psych up the team, and it’s very important not to make mistakes while choosing the players for the game.