Sachko: No miracle happened

Tuesday, July 18, 2017



We bring you the Vorskla head coach's press conference following the match against the Donetsk side

- No miracle happened. Shakhtar won deservedly. Three goals are a bit too much, of course. For now, playing open football against the Miners is a luxury. We showed defensive play, and we succeeded. We counted on rapid attacking moves and set pieces. We created a number of good chances, however, failing to realize such opportunities against Shakhtar is also a luxury. Our opponents need no introduction. This is a rapid and mobile team. In no case, I blame the guys for lack of desire and dedication. Alas, the level of the opponents’ skills is higher than ours. No matter how much we may wish, all the goals we conceded are the consequence of the Donetsk squad’s personal class.

- Bezus and Gromov have been in the stands tonight. It seems that Hlebas appeared to be not suitable player for Dynamo. What do you think about these players’ potential moving to Vorskla?
- I'm not ready to answer the question, because I do not have information.Nobody approached us. As far as I know, Hlebas has a contract with Dynamo. The fate of Bezus and Gromov is unknown to me. Today we are counting on those guys who are in the team. Of course, I would like to strengthen some of the positions.

- The periods differed from one another: the first half saw Vorskla’s better offensive performance, as in the second, they operated in less threatening way. Why?
- You must realize that they run out of stamina at some point. While we had enough, we managed to do it. We kept each other’s back covered and were mobile, rebuilt promptly according to the ball position. In the second half, the backlash began to appear, with rapid Shakhtar players outperforming us in the midfield. But I repeat: nothing terrible has happened. No miracle happened. I had no other plans for the game, and the guys were also aware. We were preparing and counted on set pieces, we had real efforts. In any case, we'll take a lot of good from the match. There is no problem for any Shakhtar's football player to beat anyone one on one. And not because they are Vorskla players. It is a great pity that we conceded three goals. It's a bit much. I would like to thank the fans: there were a lot of people in the stands tonight, as for Poltava. Thank them for their support! Of course, we wanted to score the goal and please them for their support, but, unfortunately, we did not manage to succeed. I am sure, the victory is still ahead of us, we will count on meetings with the teams of our level.

- How did the ban on employing Shakhtar players on loan today affect the match?
- We count on Matviienko, Kulach and Zagorulko. It is a pity that they could not participate in today's encounter. If they could join the team, we could get strengthened and modify. We might have a different line-up. Of course, their absence affected. I'm sure they will definitely benefit next time.

- How do you assess the newcomers: Gegham Kadimyan and Yurii Kolomoyets?
- During the matches against Shakhtar, it is just the right time to test the players, and not only the ones of this kind. I do not want to say anything bad about their performance. They were doing their job on the pitch. Again, we were not inferior in dedication and eagerness. The Miners turned to be stronger today technically and skill wise. There's nothing to be done, so goes the world.