Fonseca: The Super Cup game is history now

Thursday, July 20, 2017



The head coach of Shakhtar answered question from the media at an open training session

- Paulo, Dynamo must have drawn certain conclusions after the Super Cup game. How much will Saturday's match be different, according to you?
- The Super Cup game was a final, and they are different from regular games. That clash means absolutely nothing to us now. We are facing a meeting with very strong opponents. Both sides will fight to win. Our encounters with Dynamo are always challenging. We respect the opponents, perfectly understanding that they have a strong squad with excellent performers. We don’t need to think about the Super Cup now, because it's history now. We need to tune in to a completely different, new match.

- Players and coaches of any defeated team usually say this: we will draw conclusions andchange our play. Is it realistic to change anything significantly over a week?
- Yes, I think it’s possible to change some small things. But the basic principles of the game can’t be changed in a week’s time. But, after reviewing as an example last Saturday’s game, of course, you can draw some conclusions and improve a number of things not to repeat the mistakes. In such meetings, the emotional component is very important, so you need to try to be mentally resilient.

- It seemed that the victory over Dynamo was even easier for Shakhtar than the past season’s key games. Although the players said that it was difficult ...
- It’s understandable that your impression is based on the outcome and the developments in the course of the game. But we – the coaches and the players – understand how challenging those games are. Having analysed everything, we realised that it wasn’t easy at all. It’s always tough with Dynamo. So we need to showcase our top level now: in such matches there’s no room for mistakes. We must tune in for it and think only of a positive outcome.

- How are Taison and Malyshev?
- Maksym is injured and, unfortunately, won’t participate in the game. Taison will join in the training process today. Let's see how it goes and whether we’ll see him on the pitch.

- What’s the probability of Taison's participation in percentage terms?
- It's hard for me to talk about percentages. Today he is training with us, and I hope that everything will be fine.

- Ordets is not among those training on the pitch as well. Has anything happened to him?
- In the previous match Ivan also got injured. We’ve been checking the situation, he’s not training with us.

- Are you getting a clearer idea about the pairing of central defenders? Kryvtsov and Rakits’kyy played very skilfully. And what about Ferreyra, who’s scored three goals?
- Facundo is going through a wonderful period and performs the striker role through scoring goals. Kryvtsov and Rakits’kyy also display an excellent performance, in particular in the recent meeting with Dynamo. Sergii really proved himself in the meeting with Vorskla. I fully trust the guys, we’ll work on.

- It was evident that Shakhtar were better prepared than Dynamo performance wise. Could you evaluate the current level in percentage terms?
- Since we have games once in three days, now it’s more about the lads’ recovery. Technically, the team are fully ready. Most importantly, the players should have enough time to recover before the next games.