Kryvtsov: We’ll do our best to succeed

Thursday, July 20, 2017



Shakhtar defender answered questions from reporters ahead of the game vs Dynamo

- Sergii, how much different will the upcoming meeting be from last Saturday’s one?
- The Super Cup comprises just one meeting, with the trophy being won in 90 minutes. The league is a longer tournament. Nevertheless, the three points in the encounter with the major competitors are very important, and we will do our best to succeed.

- What can you say about Dynamo after the first match?
- The Kyivans switched to a different formation – 4-4-2. We were ready for that. I think that things are unlikely to change on Saturday tactic wise.

- They say that Dynamo under Oleksandr Khatskevych started playing in a more simple way: with more high balls and crosses. Did you feel it?
- We focus on our actions. It’s important for Shakhtar to stick to their own tactic: to have more control of the ball, to create chances near the opposing goal and bring the game away from their own goal.

- Currently, you appear at centre-back together with Yaroslav Rakits’kyy. Is that a core pairing of defenders or do you feel competition from the young David Khocholava? Perhaps there are other options ...
- That’s the beginning of the season, and the coaching staff decided to field just this pair of central defenders so far. The coaches know better. As for the upcoming game, we don’t know the line-up yet. I think that the coaches during this week's cycle will understand who performs better to finalise the line-up.

- Who is more obnoxious as an opponent: Mbokani or Besedin?
- They are two physical strikers of approximately the same manner, who are real tough in aerial challenges. Basically, it’s hard to highlight one of them.

- Taking the two opening games into account, how fit are you now? Can we say that you are back into the season?
- Those were only the first two competitive games of the season. Even if we take into account the training camp friendlies, we’ve got an entirely different level here. A few more games, and we will reach our top form.

- The team have kept two clean sheets. Is it important to keep another one in the upcoming game?
- Our top priority in every game is to deliver a secure defensive performance and not to concede any goals. And, I suppose, we’ll have our chances near the opposing goal – we just need to convert them.

- In the Super Cup decider, many people noted your confident performance. Can we say that Sergii Kryvtsov is ready to appear in the starting line-up on a regular basis?
- For my part, I always try to show my best qualities, giving my all and doing my utmost. But it’s up to the coaching staff to assess it and decide who is worthy of appearing on the pitch.

- Ivan Ordets rested in the encounter with Dynamo, Yaroslav Rakits’kyy did it in the first round vs Vorskla. Do you have enough strength for three games in a row?
- If they field me, then, of course, I’ll have enough of it.