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Fonseca: I’ve got nothing to reproach my players for

Saturday, July 22, 2017



Shakhtar head coach reflects on the meeting with Dynamo in Kharkiv

- Good evening. The game was won by the team who delivered a pretty good performance. Nevertheless, the game was like this: one side attacked more, the other defended more. Those win who score. I can only congratulate Dynamo. However, today I’ve got nothing to reproach my players for: I am fully satisfied with their dedication on the field. The only thing that upset me is that we’d failed to convert the chances created.

- Was the attitude of your men any different from that before the Super Cup game?
- No, it wasn’t. Only those who are blind or unwilling to see, will not notice that Shakhtar's attitude was just the same. The Miners dominated it. Most of the match was spent on the opponent's half of the field and created moments. The only difference is that Dynamo have scored today, with us not managing to convert our chances. Otherwise, without a doubt, we were better. But history will have Dynamo’s win, because the opponents excelled and we didn’t.

- Dynamo’s coach said that the ref had officiated well for 75 minutes, poorly doing it in the closing 15 minutes. Even early in the meeting you were talking about something ...
- That’s the opinion of the Dynamo coach, which I respect and don’t comment on. It’s clear that the referee can make one or two errors in the game. However, today we’ve lost not due to refereeing. I must be frank. If I feel that there are some actions on the part of the officials, I always say that, but if the ref acts correctly and doesn’t bring victory to any team, I can only congratulate them on the excellent work, along with the opponents.