Kryventsov: Could score more as we had chances

Saturday, July 22, 2017



Shakhtar U21 head coach shared his thoughts on the encounter against Dynamo

- Today, every football player of our team has been a real athlete on the pitch, striving to emerge victorious in every single episode and challenge. I saw by the guys’ eyes and performance that they had the only dream and goal, which was gaining the upper hand. Besides, both getting the result and outperforming the opponents. This desire was felt from the first to the last minute, therefore, despite the heat, the game pace was decent: high intensity, good speed. I was pleased that the team headed into the fixture in good condition physically. Now the guys, who had the hardest pre-season training camp this summer, understand that it had been such a hard one for a reason.

- Can you pick out someone?
- I am happy that every football player was doing on the field what we rehearse at the training sessions. Tankovskyi and Zubkov were great: they have done a lot of work, participated in all the episodes both defensively and offensively. I also want to note our defensive line, where Masalov, Sahutkin, Bondar and Konoplya operated reliably, spotted for each other. And the only complaint to the attacking line players, who could score more, as they had chances to do that.

- How much have both teams changed compared to the ones in the previous season?
- Both our team and the Kyiv side have brought a lot of young blood. Many players left, so we have quite different squads. I can say about my guys: those, which have been training with us since the previous season, have strongly improved. Their progress is easily visible to the eye.

- This victory is more important from a competition or psychological point of view?
The victory over Dynamo is always topmost from any point of view.