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Kryvtsov: Stal is the league’s dark horse

Thursday, July 27, 2017



Shakhtar defender talks about the preparation for the match vs Kamyanske-based Stal

- We have already recovered after the game vs Dynamo. Each of us made certain conclusions for themselves, knowing the mistakes made. But we need to move on. The championship has just begun, with the whole season being ahead. Our current objective is winning the game vs the Kamyanske team.

- Stal got off to a perfect Premier League start, defeating Chornomorets and Zorya ...
- I’m not going to hide that it was a big surprise for me. I know that the team gathered together later than the rest did, featuring many young guys. But according to the results of the first two rounds, I can say that the opponent must be treated very seriously. Stal defeated the bronze medalists of last season, with Chornomorets being among the top six strongest clubs in Ukraine. I think, Stal is the dark horse of the current league season. Shakhtar are facing a very difficult game.

- During the summer break, Stal was almost completely changed, having a new coach and players. Have you analysed your opponents’ performance?
- Yes, the team are currently coached by Eghishe Melikyan, plus the team’s backbone has changed almost completely. However, as we can see, the innovations have only benefited the Kamenske team. The young guys are hungry for victories, they take to the pitch to fight for one another. I think, they primarily win through their dedication. We also have certain tactical things we are preparing specifically for the opponents. But you will see that already on the field.

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