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Fred: My time will finally come

Friday, July 28, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder granted an interview to shakhtar.com

- Fred, your suspension has expired and you are ready to benefit the team?
- It was a difficult period. Thank God everything is over. In the current season I'm particularly focused and set to win. I will try to demonstrate my best qualities on the field, just as always. I really want to win new titles with Shakhtar.

- What are the expectations ahead of the first match after a long break?
- Now everything I’ve experienced has flashed through my mind. For me, what happened is similar to a kind of movie. I’m facing an extremely important, crucial moment, I understand that my time will finally come. I worked hard for that. I will play like that’s my last fight in life. I'm also looking forward to the Champions League – I think all the players want to participate in that kind of competition. We are in the group stage again, and I hope only for the best: we’ll try to advance as far as possible.

- Stal are difficult opponents taking us great pains to overcome last season. Besides, the team are currently among the league leaders.
- We’re actually facing a tough meeting. Stal won twice at the start, but we are fully ready. After the defeat last weekend, we want to claim only victory – we will go towards it, no matter what it takes.

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