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Fonseca: We believed in ourselves until the very end

Saturday, July 29, 2017



Post-match press conference of the head coach of Shakhtar

- Hello. It was a very difficult match against the team who are perfectly organized defensively. Nevertheless, in the first half we created a huge number of chances and operated close to the opposing penalty area. After the break, Stal dropped even deeper, making it difficult to rip open their defence. But the players believed in themselves until the very end, which is vitally important, and at the end of the match we got a bonus in the form of three points.
- It seemed that Shakhtar were not playing at their usual pace today. Was it due to the weather conditions or the pitch quality?
- You know, it's impossible to deliver a speedy performance on this kind of field. It will be tough until the Premier League introduces a rule to prevent such situations. How can Ukrainian football evolve, what image will we create with the grass in such condition and of such height? What good does this bring for the game? What positive things for the people coming to the stadium to watch some spectacular football? I know that in other countries they have a rule according to which this cannot happen. In our country, meanwhile, there is no such thing. The clubs playing at home do whatever they want. This happens not for the first time. The strangest thing is this: they cut the grass, but left the height which makes it very difficult to play in principle. Clearly, all that is done on purpose. What’s good in that for Ukrainian football and its image? Imagine that there are, for example, agents who want to have a look at the guys in the two teams. Once again I want to stress that it’s simply impossible to play on the grass of such height. Plus they don’t want to water the field here. These are the things that I simply don’t understand. Again, if the Premier League don’t participate in bringing something positive into football, such things will continue to happen.