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Fonseca: Shakhtar produced a good performance

Sunday, July 2, 2017



Shakhtar head coach reflects on the friendlies at the training camp in Germany

- In the first game we met with the opponents who were playing very aggressively defensively. We made many mistakes. Yesterday, we opposed Bochum – representatives of the Second Bundesliga. Everyone perfectly understands what kind of competition exists between the German clubs, what kind of money is invested into them. Shakhtar produced a good performance, even though it's already the third week of preparation, the players are a bit tired. Plus the field wasn’t of top quality: high grass, it’s not easy to play on such a pitch. The guys gave their all, playing defensively in a cautious and disciplined way. They could score more goals, but the team aren’t in their perfect form yet. So I'm content with both the friendly and the opponents’ level in general.

- Dentinho had the striker role. Do you plan to continue using him in that role?
- In my opinion, Dentinho isn’t an orthodox striker. He’s a versatile player, able to play at any attacking position. Facundo Ferreyra,  was unable to appear due to a minor injury, so we decided to experiment by fielding Dentinho up front.

- What can you say about Petryak’s future? Is he staying with Shakhtar?
- Yes, he is. I want to draw your attention to one thing: all the players currently undergoing the pre-season preparation, remain in the team.