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Kryventsov: As a coach, I dream of strong competition in the team

Monday, July 31, 2017



Today, July 31, Valeriy Kryventsov marks his birthday

The former midfielder and captain of the Donetsk team and the current head coach of Shakhtar U21 turns 44! We wish the coach a very happy birthday along with good health, family bliss, outstanding victories and conquering some new professional peaks.

- Happy birthday to you, Valeriy Serhiyovych! It’s been your second year of work with Shakhtar U21 team. What experience have you gained during this time?
- My major discovery is that the team squad is updated by some 50-70 percent every season. And, given the very short summer break, our coaching staff’s objective is to unite all the guys in one team, to bring our ideas and play principles through to them as quickly as possible. There are also some special features in working with young players. They grow up, get to know life, face new football situations. Therefore, we try, to the best of our ability, to help them using our experience and giving them advice.

- What are your expectations of the refreshed and rejuvenated team?
- Firstly, there are several senior players who worked with us last season and even earlier. I really count on those guys: they know our requirements and should help the younger teammates to adapt quickly to the team, to be great role models for them. However, they shouldn’t reduce the requirements for themselves, raising their own standards, not getting complacent, and approaching each match in a collected and responsible manner. Meanwhile, the young performers who joined us should understand that the strongest players are fielded, not the ones who are older, but the ones who perform better. Therefore, everything depends on them. Without competition, the team can’t progress. When there’s a worthy substitute for every role, then the player takes to the pitch and realizes that he has no right to play poorly, because another guy just like him stands behind. So he’ll play well and win a place among the starting XI. Hopefully we’ll have the kind of competition every coach dreams about!