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Ordets: The team have a great atmosphere

Monday, July 3, 2017



Shakhtar defender shared his impression of the stay in Germany

- Ivan, one week of the German training camp is over. How is the preparation for the season going?
- The caching staff try to diversify the sessions as much as possible: we pay attention to tactics, high-speed exercises, as well as ball handling techniques. In a word, it’s a very good, busy work. We played two games, today we’ll play the third game in this training camp. Importantly, Paulo Fonseca gives everyone a chance to prove themselves. The team have a great atmosphere, we are gradually rediscovering our top form on a daily basis. Yesterday we had a little respite: a recovery session in the morning, and in the evening we all went to the countryside to drive karts, so we got a lot of positive emotions. It was very cool and fun. After a little rest, we continue our preparation for a season.

- What are your expectations of the friendly against Odense?
- First of all, we should deliver some consistent performance, a certain pattern, the team movement. Of course, we all will try to win it, but the outcome is not of key importance at this stage. I think Paulo Fonseca will try various tactical patterns.

- What could you say about your current form?
- The form is not 100% perfect, but we’ve still got another five days of the training camp, plus three test games, so we’ll reach the optimum form very soon. Especially as they’ve created here every condition for training and recovery: good fields, a SPA complex, food – everything is top quality.