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Fonseca: The upcoming season will be far more difficult

Saturday, July 8, 2017



The Shakhtar manager summed up the training camp in Germany

- Paulo, twelve days has probably been the Miners’ shortest training camp. Did you have enough time for preparation?
- Yes, the training camp was very fruitful. Every day we trained intensively and held five friendly games. We tried to make our training as demanding as possible in physical terms. Of course, the players are fatigued to an extent, and it couldn’t but affect the lads’ performance in the friendlies. Nevertheless, I think the team will approach the first competitive game in top form, being motivated and fully ready for the tough game against Dynamo.

- What was most important during that period: to get fit again, to recover interplay or to learn new tactical moves?
- Our basic principles have already been formed. We just try to improve some details. Of course, it was necessary to prepare the players for the season start in terms of fitness. Everything is much easier now, as the guys already know my requirements.

- Shakhtar had five test games at the training camp in Germany. Which of them made you particularly happy, and which one were you unhappy with?
- Most of all I disliked the last game, because we lost. The outcome in such meetings doesn’t really matter to me. It’s important for the players to feel the competition and to have an opportunity to feel the moment of rivalry and challenges. I'm happy with all our friendlies. Each of them had both strengths and weaknesses. I had more criticism defensively, rather than offensively. But we continuously created dangerous situations, even in the game against Charleroi, which we lost. Shakhtar dominated up to the last minute. We’ve still got room for improvement, we need to step it up, we’ve got a lot to learn, because the requirements for players this season will be much higher than last season.
- Are you happy with the performance of the newcomers Ivan Petryak and David Khocholava?
- Absolutely. Earlier, Hocholava played for the team who defended in a completely different way. He perfectly adapts to our style of play. Of course, he needs to improve many aspects to fulfil his duties, I am satisfied though. Speaking about Petryak, he showed his best side in every game, perfectly blended in with the team. In the last but one friendly, I had to replace him, because Ivan didn’t feel very well physically. I am very happy with him as well.
- What Shakhtar will the fans see this new season?
- We won’t change our ambitions. At our club, everyone literally fights for one outcome – the win. We won the league title and the Cup, so the requirements for the team will increase significantly, with the upcoming season being far more difficult. Our rivals will be more prepared, but we must also be ready for any difficulties.
- You haven’t won only one Ukrainian trophy so far – the Super Cup. Does this fact motivate you?
- Of course it does! Regardless of the kind of game, of the competition, I always want to win. Last year, we failed to win the Super Cup, so in the upcoming match we will make every effort to keep the trophy in our hands. At the same time, I understand perfectly well that this is the final, that we are facing the meeting with Dynamo and it won’t be easy.