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Fonseca: We’re getting back to work being motivated

Thursday, June 15, 2017



The head coach of Shakhtar told shakhtar.com about the vacation and preparation for the football season

- Paulo, how did you spend your vacation?
- It was very short. We perfectly understand that our major vacation is in December and January. Therefore, we’re getting back to work being motivated. Many guys have not returned yet. But this is a good opportunity to have a look at the young players, as the coming days will be equally useful for them and for us.

- Did you go to Portugal during the vacation?
- Yes, I stayed at home with my family. We didn’t go anywhere as the kids were still attending school classes. I also saw my parents and took the opportunity to spend some time with my friends.

- Shakhtar are back from vacation earlier than the other Ukrainian clubs. What’s the reason behind that?
- Our work is almost scheduled, with another month left before the Super Cup tie. In Germany, there will be a few friendly games. The usual preparation that we always have before the season. We will take advantage of the time to adjust the lads’ fitness. And most importantly, we will remind them about our game philosophy.

- How will you organise the preparation before going on a training camp?
- We always practise with the ball, polishing our style. We will be initially dealing with defensive performance, and then with offensive performance. We practise those things that we want to see in the match. Moreover, we already have an advantage, because the players know what I want.

- In the absence of internationals, you’ve invited many Academy graduates ...
- This is due to the fact that I want to know them better and let them know the kind of performance we deliver. It’s important for them to adopt our game principles.

Taison scored his first goal for Brazil national team. Did you congratulate him?
- I'm always happy when our guys show their best on international duty. I was also very pleased with Ukraine’s victory in the match against Finland. It's fine when Shakhtar players successfully fulfil their potential and do some excellent job in national teams.