Shakhtar awarded gold medals to the club employees

Friday, June 16, 2017



On June 16, the grand awarding ceremony took place, at which club’s employees got gold medals in honour of FC Shakhtar’s milestone tenth title

The event was attended by Shakhtar CEO Sergei Palkin, head coach Paulo Fonseca and captain Darijo Srna. About 150 Shakhtar employees from Kharkiv and Kyiv received the original Premier League gold medals of the season 2016/17. Shakhtar Academy employees of the Donetsk branch were also awarded.

Sergei Palkin, FC Shakhtar CEO:

- I want to greet all those present, especially our colleagues from Donetsk. Thank you for finding the strength to get to Kyiv. If someone told me that we would meet here for the first time in the last three years, I would never have believed it. Unfortunately, fate had other plans and scattered us around the country: some are in Donetsk, others are in Kharkiv, and still others are in Kyiv. I want to say that the progress we have made is unique. Ukrainian history and especially European football history will remember the moment that we are experiencing with you now. Now we have come together on the occasion of claiming the tenth title. But I would like to congratulate everyone on every championship, because many have worked at the club for five, ten, fifteen years. You were living through these victories time after time. There are no trifles in football. Your contribution, it is very important. If we do not believe that we will return to Donetsk, then all of this is no use to anyone. Only the belief that we will come back helps us to support the club and achieve results. I want to thank each of you once again. Thank you!

Paulo Fonseca, FC Shakhtar head coach:

- Honestly, I have never thought that Shakhtar's family are so large. Sometimes we remain a visible part of the club. In any case, we should never forget all employees’ enormous work concealed behind our success. You help us achieve good results. I am happy to see all of you today; we had to get together one day. All of us are the part of such a great club as Shakhtar, with you being its most important component. We are fully aware what hard work is entrusted to you. I want to thank you for everything you do. Thank you very much!

Darijo Srna, FC Shakhtar captain:

- Unfortunately, Paul Fonseca could not see Shakhtar’s entire large family. I hope he will meet them in Donetsk. It's a pleasure to see all of you today. I met some of you three years ago. They say that football players are heroes, and I believe that you are the heroes. We cannot live without you, just like you without us. This is mutual love. We dedicate the trophies, won by the Orange-and-Blacks this season, to you and all Shakhtar fans. I keep in touch with many friends from Donetsk, we always feel your support. It is a pleasure to see you all!