DUFL: U14 and U16 teams through to the semis

Tuesday, June 20, 2017



Shakhtar Academy teams successfully passed the group stage and reached the semi-finals of the Ukrainian Youth Football League

Shakhtar U14 passed the round without defeats, scoring one goal in each of the games.

15 June. UFC-Karpaty (Lviv) 1-1 Shakhtar (Donetsk)

Goal: Gluschenko (60)

Shakhtar: Tvardovskyi, Chuiko, Nedes, Mampassi, Maistrenko, Ocheretko, Veklenko, Nesterenko (Nagornyi, 31), Skibinskyi, Golub (Gluschenko, 38), Babeshko (Faraseenko, 31)

16 June. Shakhtar (Donetsk) 1-0 Zirka (Kyiv)

Goal: Veklenko (37)

Shakhtar: Tvardovskyi, Maistrenko, Nedes, Mampassi, Chuiko, Ocheretko, Nagornyi, Nesterenko (Gluschenko, 31), Veklenko, Skibinskyi (Faraseenko, 60+3), Babeshko (Oleinik, 60+1)

18 June. DUSSH-11 Chornomorets (Odesa) 1-1 Shakhtar (Donetsk)

Goal: Ocheretko (43)

Shakhtar: Tvardovskyi, Chuiko (Oleinik, 60+1), Nedes, Mampassi, Maistrenko, Ocheretko, Veklenko (Faraseenko, 50), Nesterenko (Gluschenko, 48), Skibinskyi (Koval, 60), Babeshko (Golub, 50), Nagornyi

As a result, the boys of Oleksandr Ladeiko and Oscar Ratulutra scored 5 points and claimed the second spot in their group. In the semi-finals, Shakhtar U14 will meet with Dynamo Kyiv. The game will be held on June 20 in Stryi.

Shakhtar U16 claimed two wins, losing to Karpaty in the final round and leaving the group from the second position.

16 June. Smena-Obolon (Kyiv) 1-4 Shakhtar (Donetsk)

Goals: Mudryk (2, pen., 55), Biblik (64, 80+1)

Shakhtar: Trubin, Snisar (Ostrik, 65), Fedoruk (Chizh, 78), Yakuba, Kharchenko (Nikolaichuk, 75), Bukhanevich, Mudrik, Babenko (Maslov, 78), Kovtun, Biblik, Rudavskyi (Dyakov, 54)

June 17. Dnipro (Dnipro) 0-1 Shakhtar (Donetsk)

Goal: Romanyuk (52, own goal)

Shakhtar: Trubin, Snisar (Nikolaichuk, 70), Fedoruk, Yakubo, Kharchenko, Bukhanevich, Mudrik, Babeshko (Dyakov, 49), Kovtun (Zorilo, 80), Biblik, Rudavskyi (Ostrik, 41)

June 19. Shakhtar (Donetsk) 2-3 UFC-Karpaty (Lviv) 

Goals: Biblik (32), Kovtun (37)

Shakhtar: Trubin, Snisar, Fedoruk, Yakuba, Ostrik, Bukhanevich, Mudrik, Babenko, Kovtun (Dyakov, 55), Biblik, Rudavskyi (Zorilo, 41)

On June 21, in the league semi-finals, under the leadership of Anatolii Skyrchuk and Oleksandr Koval, Shakhtar will play against Metalurh Zaporizhya, who won all three games in their group of four sides.