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Marlos: We are waiting for all fans in Kharkiv

Monday, June 26, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder appealed to the fans and invited them to the team’s home matches in the new season

- Last season, the Donetsk team moved to Kharkiv, which is not a foreign city to you. Do you feel any changes in terms of support?
- Personally, I was very glad that I had come back here. I know that they love Shakhtar in Kharkiv, we feel happy here. Of course, we would be happy a thousand times more to return to Donetsk, but we understand perfectly well what's happening and why it's not possible to return.

- In autumn, the top European clubs will arrive in Kharkiv. What do you think, do they look forward to the Champions League games in Kharkiv?
- Matches of such competitions are very cool not only for the local fans, but also for every Ukrainian fan in general. It's nice that Shakhtar are in the company of the best sides and showcase the top-level football. I hope everyone is happy about this event and will come to the stadium.

- You have the opportunity to invite fans now. Season tickets have already gone on sale, with the new season starting very soon.
- Dear fans, we look forward to seeing all of you at the stadium in Kharkiv! Shakhtar footballers are well aware what importance the forthcoming matches in the Champions League will have for the club. The support of Kharkiv citizens and fans from other cities is crucial for us!