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Butko: Shakhtar are missing the Champions League

Wednesday, June 28, 2017



Shakhtar defender reflects on the first days of the training camp in Germany

- Bohdan, how did you spend your vacation? Is it hard to switch back to work?
- I had an excellent holiday with my family in Turkey. Of course, I’d like it to last a bit longer, but we need to work because of the really challenging season ahead. I always try to keep fit, even on vacation. It’s true that a training camp is the difficult period of preparation, but we need to properly psych ourselves up for that. For those the training is easier who are willing to work hard.

- What’s been the training focus in the first days of the camp?
- We currently pay much attention to fitness. Shakhtar have a difficult season ahead, and we must lay a good foundation.

- This is Shakhtar’s first training camp in GermanyWhat can you say about the conditions?
- Everything’s fine, I like it. The training fields are near the hotel, of excellent quality, there is a complex for recovery. In general, all the conditions are in place for the footballers to prepare well.

- What kind of objectives will the team and you start the season with?
- Our goals don’t change – to win every competition we take part in. In the upcoming season we want to win every title. I think Shakhtar are missing the Champions League, we want to show our best qualities, so I'm preparing myself for tough games.