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Kanibolotskyi: Thanks to the fans for their energy and support

Friday, June 2, 2017



The Donetsk goalkeeper said goodbye to the club and thanked the team fans

- Anton, the five years with Shakhtar are over. What memories will you have about this time?
- It was a great time. With the Miners I won my first trophy, claimed the first title and cups. That's unforgettable! The wonderful friendly atmosphere that reigned during these five years will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. Shakhtar is a great club. Their approach to the work process, to football players, to everyday life, to details is just amazing. Here everything is top level. Therefore, it's hard to part with the team, but only the most pleasant impressions and memories remain.

- You worked with representatives of different goalkeeping schools: Marian Ionita, Dmytro Shutkov, Tomislav Rogic, Antonio Ferreira. Did you get a lot of knowledge?
- Of course, every coach has his views and philosophy. I learned something from everyone and got some important professional skills. The experience of working with them is priceless. Now I can compare different styles, schools and use the necessary knowledge.

- In such moments, they usually recall the most significant and outstanding matches. Which ones could you single out?
- I well remember my first appearance for Shakhtar: I kept a clear sheet at the Donbass Arena against Metalurh. I also remember the Ukrainian Super Cup ties, where I appeared for three consecutive years and where we won trophies. In two meetings I kept clean sheets, and in the last one, in 2015, Mircea Lucescu fielded me, perhaps, just for luck. But it worked again, and we won the title. The Champions League gave me some unforgettable emotions. This tournament is the dream of every football player. I very long waited for a chance to play in the Champions League and was happy when it happened. I would like to relive that moment and once again experience those feelings.

- What could you say to Shakhtar fans?
- First of all, I want to thank all our fans. During these five years, I, just like the whole team, felt their support and energy. This gave me strength and emotional experience. I wish the Miners to return to the peaceful and happy Donetsk as soon as possible, to their native Donbass Arena. Everyone is looking forward to that: the management, the players and Shakhtar fans. And, of course, I wish the club to continue in the same vein: to win on all fronts, to claim championships, cups, and to win the Champions League. I promise to watch the team with great interest, and I will rejoice at their successes!