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Guess the Score: season results

Wednesday, June 7, 2017



They revealed the names of the Guess the Score! winners in April and May, along with the 2016/17 season results

Participation in the contest was successful for Mikhail Kapunov and brought him the 1st place, as well as a Shakhtar goalkeeper jersey autographed by Andriy Pyatov. The second position belongs to Aleksei Shulga, his prize is a branded Shakhtar shirt. Marianna Slinko is in the third spot, for which she will receive a football. Tatiana Zub (4th place) and Vitaliy Medvedsky (5th spot) each earned a fan scarf.

However, following the season results, the top spot went to Tatyana Zub from Donetsk. She scored 236 points and would attend an away Champions League fixture.

- I am really happy to have managed to win it, - says the most successful contestant. - I've been a fan of Shakhtar for about ten years now, but I’ve decided to try my luck in predictions only this season. I am a doctor by profession, I reside in Donetsk and I like football. Where would I go? I like Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, England. But most importantly, Shakhtar should win this away game!

The winner is followed by Vitaliy Medvedsky. The resident of the village of Lopukhov of Zakarpattya Oblast became the owner of a tablet with Shakhtar logo. Olga Kokhanova from Kyiv claimed the third spot. Her gift is a smartphone bearing the club crest.

In the near future, the organizers of the Guess the Score contest will contact the winners by phone or email submitted during registration on the website.