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Fonseca: We are glad that we can help

Thursday, March 16, 2017



The Pitmen’s head coach reflects on visiting the Kharkiv Oblast Children's Clinical Hospital No. 1

- I was deeply amazed at how they have received us today. We are happy that we are able to help this hospital and children. I am telling you, we are very pleased to see what huge and complex work is being done here to make children recover. I am also pleased to have received many gifts from kids! I am going to gladly keep them. Taking gifts is always great.

- What struck you in the museum?
- It is fantastic. We had the opportunity to take a picture there, and I will keep this picture as well. The museum reveals the entire hard work being done over a number of years.

- What did you write in the wishes’ book?
- Warm thanks for welcoming us this way. I also wrote see you soon, since this meeting will take place more than once, I am sure.

- You were presented with a drawing, on which one could see a 3-1 score in favour of Shakhtar indicated. Is this a prediction for the next season?
- If you noticed, there was a lettering Shakhtar and Bayern there. I hope we will participate in the Champions League competition in a year. I would not mind to beat Bayern by such a score. Who knows, maybe someone sees the future in this?

- Will you be happy if this match takes place in Kharkiv?
- I will. I think it's logical.