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Fonseca: Gustavo’s had bad luck today

Friday, March 17, 2017



Shakhtar head coach reflects on the meeting with Olimpik

- We lost two points in the match, which we could win. The clash unfolded in one direction, and Olimpik scored a goal not courtesy of playing the ball, but only because of our mistake. In the first half, we operated very well in a very difficult scenario, with 11 opposing players parking the bus in front of their goal. Nevertheless, we forged eight clear-cut scoring opportunities. I am completely satisfied with the performance of my team. The only factor was that we failed to convert a huge number of scoring chances that we fashioned. We could finish the match with a completely different result.

- Did you communicate with Blanco Leschuk after the encounter? Will he be able to sleep after so many unrealized moments?
- Gustavo has given his all today to the fullest; he was just a little unlucky. I think he and all other players will be able to sleep with an easy conscience.

- Olimpik are the only squad, who you did not manage to beat in two rounds of the Ukrainian Premier League. Is this a coincidence or do they prove to be troublesome rivals for Shakhtar?
- I think this fact gives an evidence to a plenty of things. In fact, I am not the kind of person who talks about good luck or ill luck. But today the ball literally did not want to go inside the net: either the goalkeeper made saves, or it hit the post and the bar. I repeat myself, the scenario was very difficult. It's always hard to play against a team that drop completely back defensively. We created efforts, but lacked finishing shots. Nevertheless, I do not make any drama out of it, having nothing bad to say to my players. It's football, such things happen. I would have worried more if Shakhtar had not played football, had no scoring efforts, and allowed the opponents to create real opportunities. I repeat myself again, today I have absolutely nothing to reproach my lads with.

- Who do you think was man of the match today?
- Makharadze, the Olimpik goalkeeper.

- Your predecessor during breaks in the league action preferred to hold friendly matches in Romania and Turkey. How do you plan to fill in the break related to national teams fixtures?
- Everything will remain unchanged up to this moment since my spell at Shakhtar. There will be no friendly meetings. It is very important for players to rest and spend time with their family as well, since football is a great stress. We are going to stay in Ukraine and will not go anywhere. In conclusion, taking advantage of the moment, I want to openly wish great success and good luck to the Ukraine team in the duel with Croatia.