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Moreira: Shakhtar brought great professionals together

Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Today, March 22, Shakhtar's fitness coach Pedro Moreira marks his birthday. We take the opportunity to extend our greetings to the birthday boy and ask him a few questions

- Pedro, we wish you a happy birthday! You have been at Shakhtar for almost a year. What experiences have you gained during this time?
- I am very pleased with everything. First, there came a short period of adaptation to the new country, the city, and the squad. It was necessary to figure out what Shakhtar appear to be. When we passed this stage, Paulo Fonseca began to introduce new rules and build up his working system. I want to say a big thank you to the club’s management that do everything possible for the coaching staff to focus exclusively on the team’s preparation.
- How did you manage to find common ground with football players and the club’s staff in such a short time?
- We appreciate each employee’s contribution – it is the fundamental principle of our work. All the people who work here are united by a common goal, which is to win. Everyone gives a piece of oneself for the team to score, win and please the fans with their successes.

- Are you, being a fitness coach, happy with the football players’ attitude to training sessions?
- I am very satisfied. The team is very enthusiastic. Players are eager to progress every day, and this cannot but please us. Shakhtar collected great professionals. One can see this in terms of training, as well as in every little things of the team’s and club’s life on and off the football pitch. 

- During which season’s spell do the Pitmen get the maximum load?
- We long for conducting intensive training sessions constantly. It all depends on when we are going to play. Preparation structure is adapted to certain matches, and the load varies depending on that. However, this does not mean that all our workouts are focused on fitness, as the players also work very hard on tactics.

- The crucial part of the Premier League is ahead of us, with every single match turning out versus strong opponents. The most interesting part awaits us for the coming two months, doesn’t it?
- I have no doubts about that. Even despite the fact that no one expected that Shakhtar would have such an advantage before the second stage started. We will continue to work in order to preserve our gap between our pursuers and to achieve our main goal, which is winning the Ukrainian title.