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Kryventsov: we pay special attention to set pieces

Saturday, March 4, 2017



Shakhtar U21 mentor made of his team’s performance in the match vs Volyn

- As I told earlier, our team showcase good organization and coordinated performance. Throughout a long distance of time, one may discern our certain game pattern, which is encouraging me as a coach. But as for converting our chances... Today, we had ten one hundred percent opportunities: both going one on one with a keeper and a spot-kick. However, the ball still missed the target every time. Moreover, we scored, in fact, after playing two set pieces. In the locker room, everybody congratulated Valerii Bondar, who came from U19 team and made his second appearance for the reserve side. I am happy that he managed to notch two goals. I hope that from now on, he will be progressing and get diligently about his work in the same way.

- Today, among other things Volyn goalkeeper have been hot...
- Yes, it's true. I did not watch him play in the opponents’ previous matches, but he have denied many clear-cut chances today. In addition, we did not hit posts and crossbars - it was he who saved his teammates in threatening moments. The credit that we have scored just two goals goes largely to him.

- Set pieces are considered Volyn’s trump cards, but today Shakhtar have registered both goals after corners. Did you expect exactly this component to seal a win?
- We pay special attention to set pieces. And why not to score if we have tall players in the line-up? Today, we made it. That means the Lutsk side footballers failed to challenge properly with our guys until the end. After all, we know that it is not the height that plays a key role while playing corners, other than attention, concentration, and focus. I am satisfied with today's performance as well as the lads’ attitude. In the away encounter, they displayed a good quality football. I hope that in the match to follow, the team will be just as motivated and set up only to win.

- In a week, you will hold another away match in Zaporizhzhya. What can we expect from the meeting with Zorya? Is it going to be tough too?
- At this stage, there are no simple matches, given that in the U21 premiership, many clubs strengthen their reserves through the players from the main teams. Therefore, we do not know which line-up Zorya will field. In any case for our part, we will have a good mental determination, dedication and willingness.