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Dykyi: Shakhtar players’ class did the job

Sunday, March 5, 2017



Volyn coach made of his team's performance

- I think the fans should be happy. I want to thank them for coming to the stadium. I wish they attended not only Shakhtar games, but also other encounters. Regarding the instructions for the match, we asked the lads not to drop back deeply and to meet the opponents in the middle of the field, because the Pitmen’s skills and working-with-the-ball speed are higher than those of ours. Shakhtar players’ class did the job. They pressed us inside our penalty area, and we conceded. Right, mistakes do and will occur, since our guys are young. However, we will work on reducing the number of such failures. You know very well what our situation is. We are not supposed to list new players until the championship ends, with some guys being injured. Didenko saw red for incomprehensible reasons. I thought they would cancel it, since there was no feigning there. You see he could come in handy tonight. However, we have what we have.

- On their part, Volyn players have demonstrated a good commitment. Can we expect the same in the next game vs Karpaty?
- We will make the players prepared. They have been working seriously throughout this week and lived through a lopsided lost to Oleksandriya. We, in turn, tried to startle them out of this psychological state. To some extent, it worked out, and the guys showed character and displayed fighting qualities, but with them lacking some skills so far. Look, we have only young players, including our eight Academy graduates. With a strong dedication to their work, they can grow into good footballers. Of course, they make mistakes, but they have to pass through them. We will prepare them for producing even better performance in Lviv and achieving positive results.