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Butko: We want to beat Chornomorets

Wednesday, May 10, 2017



Ahead of the match Chornomorets vs Shakhtar, the Donetsk team defender answered questions from shakhtar.com

- Bohdan, do you feel you’re the champion of Ukraine? What feelings do you have?
- This is my first gold medal. I think we haven’t quite realised what happened. Probably, the whole point is that we have more league games ahead. In any case, it’s necessary to accomplish it and try to win the remaining games. Although in general, the emotions are really unspeakable. However, in order to feel them fully, we need to hold the cup and medals in our hands.

- Won’t it hinder you from tuning in for the closing fixtures of the season?
- We train and play thinking of ​​winning every meeting. In any case, we must take the field and strive for the maximum result. There’s a great atmosphere in the team, with everyone preparing for the upcoming match vs Chornomorets in high spirits.

- Do you think the Sailors will try to prove that the outcome of the previous meeting with Shakhtar is not accidental?
- I'm sure that the opponents will try to play even better than last time. But we also remember that failure and must do everything to win and take revenge. And it doesn’t matter that Shakhtar are the champions now.

- Do you consider the encounter with Chornomorets as one of the preparation stages for the Ukrainian Cup final against Dynamo?
- Of course we keep in mind the match against the Kyiv side, as it’s going to be held very soon. But no one forgets about the meeting with Chornomorets. It’s true that from the competitive point of view, the upcoming meeting doesn’t decide anything for us, but we still want to win it and make the fans happy with our spectacular performance.