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Kryventsov: We imposed our game onto the opponents

Friday, May 12, 2017



The head coach of Shakhtar U21 commented on the victory in Odesa

- The scoreline reflects the developments on the pitch. We had the edge, we managed to impose our game upon the opponents, very well putting pressure in front, not letting the Odesa side play the ball, we also produced some clinical defensive performance. We scored both individually and resulting from our moves. All the goals are spectacular. We are moving on aiming at the next season: we are watching them, we weigh up things, we ponder over the ones to replace the lads who will leave, and what the reserve team is going to look like next year.

- Throughout several games, the team could not score in the first half. Was it the early opener that’s shaped the further course of the meeting?
- Of course, the early goal helped us. Chornomorets could not just park the bus, they charged forward. There were many open spaces, but we didn’t always properly use them due to inaccurate or untimely passing. Although we’ve won it, we’ve got questions to pose to some players. I know that they can perform better. Today we had to score even more goals.