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Babich: Shakhtar players’ class affected

Saturday, May 13, 2017



Chornomorets head coach reflects on the clash against the Pitmen

- First of all, I am happy that we have come back to our stadium, I am happy that we have managed to restore the turf, which allows us to demonstrate fast football. Regarding positive issues in today's match, I can note our commitment. This is what we strive for. In terms of willingness, I have no claims to the lads. However, as for converting clear-cut chances, it leaves much to be desired. Shakhtar players’ class affected: having created five or six opportunities, the opponents scored three goals. We forged five moments and realized none of them. Therefore, we know what we need to work on. The crucial thing is that efforts already come our way, since we had no goal-scoring chances six months ago. In my opinion, if we come onto the pitch having such commitment and willingness in the remaining matches, then we will keep them intrigued until the final round.

- Are there players in your team, to whom you have claims in today's match?
- There are always claims. I will not say to whom specifically, but they are always there. Especially after the defeat. This is a normal situation. The crucial thing is to analyse it correctly and prepare for the next fixtures.

- As practice shows, Chornomorets players, who earn most yellow cards, receive invitations from other clubs subsequently. For example, Karpaty got interested in Filimonov was interested, as Khocholava moves to Shakhtar. Have you ever thought about this?
- Filimonov and Khocholava do not spare themselves. Right, they can operate on the verge of breaking the rules, but they have such a position. Even if we take into account this meeting, it was clear that we were fell short of aggression in the defensive zone. Therefore, there is something to work on. Well, players’ transfer has nothing to do with yellow and red cards.

- A question regarding Khocholava’s transfer. Who will replace him?
- We have Ablatarov, Azatskyi and Martynenko, who is recovering. Again, we have time to strengthen ourselves. We realize that loans of the same Danchenko and Andrievskyi finish. There is time to think. Now our primary task is a clash versus with Oleksandriia, for which we must recover and prepare.

- You somehow told that Chornomorets did not show zeal to qualify for the Europa League this season. However, the standings situation is such that you have chances ...
- Let's start from the very beginning. We miraculously finished in top six. Now we move from game to game. We want and dream of taking a place in the Europa League, but I do not want the burden of responsibility to put pressure on the guys, since they are not yet ready psychologically. The encounter versus Olimpik revealed this. I made a mistake there as well: somewhere I wounded up them too much, and the lads died down. Therefore I do not want to set any specific tasks. We move from game to game.