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Congratulations from Rinat Akhmetov

Wednesday, May 17, 2017



Dear friends! My congratulations to the players, the coaching staff, the club employees and all the fans of Shakhtar on the outstanding, spectacular victory!

The Ukrainian Cup and the League’s gold medals are back in Shakhtar’s hands. My players and the coaching staff led by Paulo Fonseca deserve the loudest standing applause for the ‘golden double’ they have won and given to our fans. Thank you, guys, you are the winners, you are the heroes.

A thousand thanks to everyone who gave their all and put their heart into Shakhtar’s victory! To the head coach Paulo Fonseca, the coaching staff, the players, the doctors and masseurs, to the entire huge family of Shakhtar football club, and most importantly, to our fans. This win would not exist without you.

Congratulations, dear friends! On the victory, on the ‘golden double’!

Rinat Akhmetov,
FC Shakhtar president