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Srna: Shakhtar can only get stronger

Thursday, May 18, 2017



After the victory in Kharkiv, the captain of Shakhtar answered the questions from reporters

- Darijo, how many greeting messages have you received?
- Many of them!

- Today, Shakhtar have improved their Cup winning stats. Is that important?
- No matter how many Cups, we really needed the victory. We’ve been playing well throughout the season and we’ve deserved it. We have excellent team and atmosphere. The league title is also well deserved. It wasn’t easy, but that’s the final. Congratulations to the whole team, the players and coaches, the fans and the president of the club! I can only repeat the words I said after claiming the league title.

- How happy are you now?
- You know, it's hard without a home, the stadium and the base, without our home fans, without own home ... Three years in a row like that. So winning the league title and the Cup, playing all the games away – that's worth a lot.

- What's next? What goals do Shakhtar set for themselves?
- You all know our president. We are already looking forward to the next season and thinking how to win the league title, the Cup and deliver some decent performance in the Champions League. I believe this team has a fusion of youth and experience. We have a good atmosphere. We are rooting for Real Madrid and Juventus to top their leagues, with us getting into pot 1. This is important for Shakhtar and Ukraine. We are ready to make a step forward in the Champions League.

- What was most difficult today?
- The cup final, where there is no favourite. In the 8th minute, we didn’t score a spot kick. After that, Dynamo had a couple of chances. We started the second half well and also had our chances. I think Shakhtar have deserved the Cup, which is ours now, with the gold medals of the championship also being ours – which was our objective.

- Did you scold Marlos for that foppish-guy shot?
- No, we didn’t. He’s a very important player for our team. Today, Marlos has been a hero. He didn’t lose heart, felt the trust of his teammates and coach, and helped us to win.

- May some leading players leave Shakhtar this summer?
- You know that we continuously give footballers to the big clubs. The decision will be taken by the president –
it depends on the offer. We can only get stronger. I hope and I believe that everyone will remain at Shakhtar. If someone leaves, it will be a wonderful move to a good team. You remember how many great guys left: Mkhitaryan, Willian, Douglas Costa, Alex Teixeira, Luiz Adriano ... However, we didn’t get any worse. Shakhtar can only get stronger.

- After the match, you twice approached Yarmolenko. Comforted him?
- Yarmolenko is a very good player deserving to appear at the top level. I told him that’s football. Just as I had congratulated him for two consecutive years, he has congratulated us this time. All is fair.