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Campos: After the break, we played more aggressively

Sunday, May 21, 2017



Shakhtar assistant head coach Nuno Campos reflects on the meeting against Olimpik

- In the first half we demonstrated not our best game, making some adjustments at half time and improving our performance. Shakhtar created more chances than in the first half, plus there was an unawarded penalty against the opponents – another one on our list.

- Please comment on the conceded goal. Who made a mistake?
- I think we shouldn’t blame anyone individually – it has to do with a team error. Based on what we managed to analyze by the final whistle, I want to repeat that the team as a whole very well proved themselves in the first half. After the break, we made some corrections and the lads did better. Given the mysterious moment with a penalty, we had every chance to win.

- What exactly did you ask for at half-time? What were the adjustments?
- In the second half, the players got more aggressive. We also made some tactical changes: we asked them to play more up front, to pass backwards less and so on.

- This is your debut in Ukraine on the coaching bench and at the press conference. What do you feel? And how is Paulo Fonseca doing?
- Paulo underwent a minor operation. It's true that in Ukraine I act in this capacity for the first time, but earlier in my career I already had such moments. I don’t feel anything special. It happens, that’s absolutely normal.

- Who decided on the starting line-up? Did you consult Paulo regarding substitutions or those were your decisions?
- We prepared the team for the match with the whole coaching staff together with Paulo Fonseca. Today he attended the dressing room – nothing has changed. The line-up, as always, was suggested by Paulo with our help. And when we substitutions were made – yes, we contacted him.

- Shakhtar have claimed two trophies. Is this season the most successful for your coaching staff?
- We initially had big ambitions. Having moved here, we wanted to become the champions of Ukraine. I can say that we perfectly succeeded in that regard. To have the lead of so many points over Dynamo is a great merit, because that’s a great team. Our main goal was the league title. We also managed to please the fans with the Ukrainian Cup. Of course, for us, just as for everyone, the season was very special. Shakhtar claimed a golden double, which hasn’t happened in the recent four years.