Sanzhar: I liked the first half

Sunday, May 21, 2017



Olimpik head coach shared his impressions of the fight

- If they told me before the match that we would be held to a draw with Shakhtar, I would be definitely very happy. However, taking into account how events unfolded, and we could win, today's draw is definitely a good result, but not exactly. All the guys are great, they took pains, spent a lot of energy, did not do the full amount of work in their own penalty area, conceded a goal and could not achieve a positive result. I liked the first half, with us maintaining a lot of pressure. We scored a nice goal, forcing the Pitmen to make a mistake. Unfortunately, we could not earn three points.

- What is the secret of success in encounters against Shakhtar?
- There is no secret as such. Each game has its own story. If we take today's match, the opponents saw their line-up rotation. It is clear that the Pitmen have already fulfilled all the tasks that they faced for the season, as they raised the Ukrainian Cup and won the league title ... Therefore, emotionally the opponents were a little bit empty somewhere. Against this background, on the contrary, we only struggle to progress our goal and surpassed the rivals in this component to some extent. However, in such clashes, the most important thing is discipline, organization, with absolutely all players working for defence. Probably, not without a bit of luck, we earned points. I think this is a kind of coincidence, that we manage to play well versus Shakhtar, because there were disastrous encounters when we suffered a lopsided loss. We just made certain conclusions from this season’s meetings we had, and this allowed us to produce a successful performance in the current season.

- Tell a few words about Mykhalo Serhiichuk who scored a goal. What is his role in the team?
- Mykhailo works a lot, makes a lot of efforts. Good for him that he kept his emotional background at the end of the season, did give up when was not fielded in the opening encounters. But due to his working ability, diligence, desire to play football, he proved that he can play for the first team and benefit. Therefore, the coaching staff fully trust him for the moment.