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Zubkov: I hope to play in the starting line-up

Wednesday, May 24, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder shared his opinion about the upcoming ‘clasico’

- From the competition standpoint, everything has been decided. How hard is it for you to find motivation?
- It's not a secret for anyone that matches against Dynamo are always important for Shakhtar. We are not in the vacation mood. We are preparing just as for any other match.

- Will you work on anything special in tactical terms?
- No. We are expecting a regular scheduled game. In competitive terms everything is over, but the meeting is a rivalry, so everything will be fine with the mood.

- How important is this encounter for you personally?
- In the Ukrainian championship, I appeared against Dynamo for only two minutes. I hope to get into the starting line-up – for me that's really important.

- The opponents will befierce. What can Shakhtar counter them with?
- I think the game is going to be open. We are looking forward to a good match.