Kryventsov: We praised the guys for their performance

Thursday, May 25, 2017



FC Shakhtar head coach gave his reaction after a win over Dynamo and assessed his lads’ performance

- It was crucial for us to beat Dynamo Kyiv, first of all, from a psychological point of view, since the results of previous meetings did not entirely reflect what was happening on the pitch. I'm satisfied with today's game, as we took the upper hand over Dynamo in every aspect: in the interaction, in the pressure, with the guys knowing what to do when the opponents possess the ball. We held many training sessions dedicated to tactics, and we have implemented practically everything what we planned. Therefore, I am very happy. Again, we are looking forward: who will join the reserve team's ranks in the coming season and what squad we will have, being also an issue for us. On the one hand, we have everything with these players – our own style, good performance, nice microclimate in the team and respect. Everyone is trying hard; everyone has acquired a lot at the training sessions this year, as well as in competitive matches. We praised the guys for their performance this season.

- What changes allowed claiming a win compared to the previous match against the Kyiv side ?
- We did not alter much having made minor changes to the formation, as we are simulating the first team play now. Every encounter provides us food for thought, because we need to understand, which of these players will be able to replace the first team footballers in the future. The process is irreversible, and we must get prepared if some of the footballers leave Shakhtar and train them for taking specific positions.

- What exactly did you say after the clash?
- We entered the dressing room and I said that we must always win every face-to-face meeting versus Dynamo with this score. And if we beat the Kyiv outfit at this level, then we will continue to defeat them in the future. So today's result was important for us.