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Fonseca: There should be respect in football

Friday, May 26, 2017



Shakhtar head coach reflects on the encounter with the Kyiv side

- Good evening. I think it turned out to be a good match. Both opponents played to win, neither side wanted to give in. There was some open football, which is nice to watch. Dynamo introduced the usual starting line-up, while we fielded those who hadn’t so often performed during the season. I'm very proud of the guys and happy with the team. I think we didn’t deserve to be defeated today.

- They say about such matches: the spectator's dream, but a nightmare for the coach. What didn’t work for Shakhtar according to you?
- I want to be sincere. There should be respect in football: for the beautiful spectacle, the game itself, for the fans who come to the stadium. Everyone knows perfectly well what the clashes between Shakhtar and Dynamo are like. I think throughout the season the rivals respected each other. Sometimes between guys there are moments of certain pressure, but in football that's absolutely normal. In the current season we’ve had six encounters with Dynamo, and I think that the fans were happy with the pleasant atmosphere in the stadiums – the teams really treated them with a spectacular show. There was open football, and many goals, just like this time. But not only the two teams should respect the game. There is still a third side, who in no case should yield in this respect. What happened today is what had been happening throughout the season. With only one difference: back then, we were very strong, that’s why they failed to defeat us. But for ... I'm absolutely sure: there was still a third team who preferred that Dynamo would win, not Shakhtar. I don’t want to be a favourite. I would like to say after any match: the referees did a great job. However, there is one thing which is very noticeable. When something is not completely clear and there are some doubts, they are never in favour of Shakhtar – always against us. Both opponents showed courage. It’s necessary that the refs also have it. Today, the team of officials didn’t have the courage that’s so much needed. Again, I almost never talk about refereeing – in Ukraine, there are many really good referees. The rest just need to stop making those biased mistakes.

- Are you satisfied with Alan Patrick’s performance? He scored and provided an assist.
- I’m happy with absolutely all of my players. I want to repeat once again: there were guys on the field who hadn’t so often had a chance in the course of the season. Today I haven’t noticed that at all. We opposed a strong team –
Dynamo, however, Shakhtar defended their ideas and showcased the game which is characteristic of us. Nothing bad happened.

- How different is local officiating from that in Portugal?
- I think it won’t be quite fair to compare the refereeing here and there. I’ve said repeatedly that technically the referees in Ukraine are good, but in some moments they still lack courage.

- Did the club president congratulate you on the golden double? When was the last time when you saw him in person?
- Clearly I won’t tell you the exact dates of my meetings with the president. Of course, immediately after the title win he congratulated me, the coaching staff and players.

- Which of the six matches against Dynamo did you liked the most and why?
- I always like the ones we win. Thank God, they have been more numerous than defeats. Probably the most memorable was the encounter which ended 4-3, - we achieved that victory at a really necessary moment. Although all of them were good. I can say which game wasn’t that spectacular – the Cup final. The teams dropped deep, Neither we nor Dynamo had enough scoring chances. Entertainment wise, it was one of the worst matches.

- What d’you make of your first season in Ukraine? Previously, you stayed at clubs for no longer than a year. Reassure all the fans, please: will you work with Shakhtar next season as well?
- You know, I used to leave not because I did something bad. I understand what you're driving at. I want to tell you one thing: I feel at home now. This is my foreign experience. To be honest, I can’t be more ambitious than now. I came, and Shakhtar fans and all the people around received me so warmly – this respect spreads to my work. We won the league title enjoying a big lead from the major opponents, we won the Cup. The team follow my football ideas and concepts ... It's like a wedding! When you love your wife, you are not looking for another woman – you want to be with her. And I want to be with Shakhtar! Let me tell you one more thing. Today we’ve played the last home game this season. I just can’t help but say a few kind words to you – the people who have always been here with us. I want to thank the reporters who were present in this room after every game of Shakhtar. I perfectly understand that you don’t always have an easy job. Thank you all!