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Paulo Fonseca: We will be happy to see president in the stands

Sunday, May 28, 2017



Shakhtar head coach reflects on this season’s triumph

- I think we deservedly experience this happy moment thanks to the work done throughout this year. I must say, managing all these guys is not easy! I want to dedicate the victory to those important people who believed in us and helped us all this time. Above all, I thank the club’s president. It is always difficult to have changes and a new coaching staff. I also thank for the support of Sergei Palkin, who has been always with us, both in difficult and happy moments. It is very important for any foreigner to feel at home in a new place. That is how I am feeling here. I want to thank all the club’s employees, medical staff, masseurs and administrators who really helped us feel this way. And most importantly, they are competent in their work, and thanks largely to them, we have achieved this result. Sometimes these people are not so noticeable, but do not forget that they are as important as everyone who is on the stage. I thank my football players. They are makers of victories, which we are celebrating today. This year championship turned out to be something special, and we were just obliged to win it. I thank the guys for their level, competence, total dedication and compromise.

I try to look to the future and be ambitious. Believe me, in spite of the fact that we celebrate this year achievements I already have the next season in my head. It is going to be even more difficult for us. First of all, because everyone will be eager to take away our titles from us. We must prepare for a new hard season. It is necessary to be more united than ever and work even harder - then we will be able to achieve the top results, which we always strive for. I have already told a lot ... I conclude by saying the words, which are crucial for the coming season. If the club’s president attends not every, but, at least, some of our matches, we will become many times stronger. We will be happy to look at the stands and see you there. Thank you!