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Fonseca: Footballers deserve a rest

Wednesday, May 31, 2017



Post-match press conference of Shakhtar head coach

- Before we talk about the game, I’d like to congratulate Oleksandriya on the fact that the guys have achieved their goal. I also want to congratulate the fans: today, there was a fantastic atmosphere here again. It’s always very important for us to have as many people in the stadiums as possible supporting the teams. It should be like this at absolutely all arenas. The match passed without numerous scoring chances. I think Shakhtar dominated it. Oleksandriia tried to launch counterattacks, but we controlled those episodes quite well. Again, there were just few scoring chances: the players operated defensively better than they did offensively. In general, it was a good meeting, in which, however, there was nothing special. I think the audience deserved more spectacular football.

- Shakhtar kick off in the Champions League group stage and they won’t push it. Is there a training programme to prepare for the major European competition?
- Now we will have the opportunity to rest for a few days. It was a real tough, exhausting season. The guys worked really hard to claim the trophies, they deserve a rest. And they will make all the training camp details available soon: you will be able to learn them on the club’s official website. The only thing I can tell you now is that we will start preparing for the new season on June 15.

- Will your team strengthen?
- This information will also be available. It’s clear that one or two players might leave Shakhtar, with the same number possibly joining the team squad. I think everyone already knows that David Khocholava will feature in our team. You’ll learn about the rest later.