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Sharan: I am pleased with result

Wednesday, May 31, 2017



Oleksandriia head coach assessed his team’s performance against Shakhtar

- I am very grateful for the congratulations! In short, it was the most difficult season in my coaching career. After taking the sixth spot in the last season’s league campaign and participating in European competitions through the situation at Dnipro, we were eager to prove that we are able to claim the Europa League berth on the sporting principle in the current season. And it is always harder to confirm and prove, since they began to treat Oleksandriia differently. If at first we were a little underestimated, as soon as we reached the Premier League, the rivals have changed their attitude this season. We felt this after the encounters against Shakhtar and Dynamo, as well as versus other teams of the same level as ours. And when they defeated us, they were as happy as we had been before when we beat them. So I'm grateful to the guys that they survived, despite the problems with players’ deficit we faced during the year, especially in the spring part, when it all started with Mykytsei. But everything was fine at the training camp, and we preserved a clean sheet in nine league matches, claimed a lopsided win over Volyn, before we had an unsuccessful spell of bad performance and problems with the squad. And only now, in the last two or three rounds, we played in the optimal line-up. However, the guys have not picked up the necessary conditions yet. Therefore, this victory is very important for us. I consider the fifth spot as a victory, because Oleksandriia is quite a small town. And I wish the fans to support us always the same way as they have done today. We, in turn, will try to do everything professionally and with maximum dedication to please our fans in the future.

- What can you say about today's match?
- We almost knew what line-up Shakhtar will feature. And my main task at the morning session was to prepare the lads only to win. We have guys who can loose up if they see the opponents not featuring this or that player. However, everyone heard my instructions and showed themselves. Although in the early staged of the match, we had some troubles we failed to demonstrate our game. At the interval, we made changes and could score the second goal in the second half. I think there were fewer moments for the Donetsk side. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think so. And our team really played to secure a victory. However, in the closing stages, the guys saw my reaction that I did not push them forward and wanted to preserve the score, since this is a historic draw for Oleksandriia, regardless of Shakhtar line-up. Therefore, I am pleased with the result, the game organization, primarily defensively. Well, as you can see, we had problems again in terms of attacking performance. If earlier we had one scoring chance and made the most of it, now, unfortunately, there were two or three real possibilities, but we failed again to do the needful. In general, it was a close game and a logical result, although Shakhtar certainly enjoyed more ball possession.

- What changes are expected during the mid-season break?
- It is still difficult for me to say who will leave the team. Today, I am going to meet with every football player and talk. I can say that Batsula, Schedryi and Sytalo will join the ranks of our club. In my opinion, this is a reinforcement. I hope that some other players will move to the team. To implement this, we will surely have to say good-bye to someone. Nevertheless, this is life, this is football and you cannot step out of this.

- Last year, it was difficult to go through the opening stage of the Europa League for several reasons. What should you do not to walk twice into the same water?
- On the contrary, I am pleased with the fact that we will have a short break between the seasons his time. I wanted to gather the guys together on the 15th day of the month, but before the match I said: if there is a good mood and we do not lose to Shakhtar, there will be two more days off. So we are going to gather together June 17. Last year there was a big break and we still considered the domestic league to be a priority. This may have been my fault. Now, of course, we will try to produce a worthy performance in the Europa League.