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Ferreyra: Zorya are one of the strongest teams in the league

Thursday, May 4, 2017



Shakhtar striker talked to reporters at the open training session

- Facundo, what is more important for you: to become the top scorer or to help your team win the league title with your goals?
- Of course, it is more important for me to become the champions of Ukraine together with my teammates. Well, if I also win the title race, it will be an additional advantage. But the main goal is the Premier League gold.

- On the football field, you and Gustavo Blanco Leschuk are competitors. Does this competition for a place in the line-up affect your relationship?
- Of course, there is a certain rivalry between us, but it’s purely professional. Yes, we are both scorers, we play in the same team and, of course, we compete with each other. However, outside the football field we are good friends, we have excellent relations. I was very happy when Gustavo joined Shakhtar. It's nice that my compatriot has appeared at the club, another Argentinian.

- Who do you consider your main competitor in the race for the league’s top scorer title?
- It seems to me that all those who claim to be the best goalscorer, can achieve it. For example, Andrii Yarmolenko, who has one goal less than me. In recent matches, the Dynamo player excelled several times, so he might easily beat me. Gustavo Blanco Leschuk is also close to me. Everyone has a chance to win the scoring race.

- On Saturday, Shakhtar will face Zorya. Don’t you think right now about the Ukrainian Cup final, because for many Pitmen, in particular for the internationals, such duels with Dynamo are special ...
- I think that the most important match for us is the one to be held on Saturday. We will do everything we can to win it. And after that, we will think about the Ukrainian Cup final, with all our efforts being directed to the game against Dynamo.

- Do you expect any surprises from Luhansk?
- In my opinion, Zorya are one of the strongest teams in our league. Yes, we’ve won our recent three meetings, but I don’t expect just a walk in the park. It's always very difficult to play them.

- Do you have any personal rivalry with anyone of Zorya players? For example, with Rafael Forster?
- No, nothing of the kind. Our major rivalry is at the club level: Shakhtar against Zorya.

- The Luhansk side defend in a fairly tight manner. How would you rate your chances of extending the scoring streak in the upcoming meeting?
- I'm sure it will be difficult. In the Premier League, there are many teams who in the matches against Shakhtar, just park the bus and know how to defend properly, that's why it’s not easy to excel in such games.