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Fonseca: This victory is one of a kind

Saturday, May 6, 2017



Shakhtar head coach shared his thoughts on claiming the title early

- Hello. Today I want to do anything apart from commenting on the game. We achieved the most important thing, which is a victory. Shakhtar became the champions for the tenth time. It was a very difficult season for the team, not for the first time. I want to dedicate this great victory to my players, coaching staff and all club’s employers. I want to talk more about the title. It's not just another victory - it's really one of a kind. I must remind you how this season started, and thank people who believed in our coaching staff. Especially the president and the CEO. To replace a head coach following a 12-year spell with the club is not easy. I dedicate this victory to people who believe in me. I cannot forget about our fans either - not only those who come to stadiums and support us. I'm talking about the fans in the whole country as well as in Donetsk, of course. I'm sure our fans would like to celebrate the tenth club’s title by the side of Shakhtar. We want to tell them that we have always been with them, thought about them and felt their support. This victory is dedicated to them.

- Congratulations on the tenth title. In April, Yaroslav Rakits’kyy employed an agent, which he had not had previously. Does this mean that, despite the new contract, he can leave Shakhtar in summer?
- I want to talk about everything, except these issues. I know that Yaroslav signed a new contract for five years, and there's nothing more to say about this.

- Do they follow your success in Portugal?
- I guess so. Portuguese newspapers and magazines publish the news. Even this morning I looked through a couple of publications, which published the news that Shakhtar could become a champion tonight. I believe they will be happy with this victory in Portugal.

- On top of the cup final, you have another four league matches ahead of you, which have no value in terms of the league standings. How are you going to prepare the players?
- You have correctly noticed that we still have the Cup final ahead of us. We will prepare for all fixtures as well as possible. I have already said that whoever plays in Shakhtar must come onto the pitch thinking about a victory only. There are also guys who did not emerge in the starting line-up so often, but worked very hard. I want to give them the opportunity to play.

- How comfortable are you in Ukraine? What is the difference between the Portuguese and local fans?
- As a foreigner who has come to Ukraine, I can say that I am happy here. I judge by the way they received and respected me. I must thank all Ukrainians. I'm sincere: I feel almost at home. I did not even think that it could be better in this respect. Moreover, there is a difference between people, which is mainly connected with each country’s history. Given the reception and the way they communicate with me, I'm lucky. Thanks to this, I also like Ukrainians and this country, I like it here. Being in another country, people hear about Ukraine that the war is going on and everything is not so good, but reality is different here. Honestly, I am very amazed now and I want to thank absolutely everyone.