Sergei Palkin: This championship is for our fans

Saturday, May 6, 2017



The club CEO answered the questions from the media after defeating Zorya

- For Shakhtar, this is the first league title away from home.
- I want to congratulate our fans. Those who supported us in Lviv, Zaporizhya, Kyiv and Kharkiv. I want to extend the special congrats to our Donetsk fans who couldn’t see the game live. We can imagine how tough that is. This championship is for them. I want to congratulate the coaching staff who did a good job. We’ve become the champions for the tenth time. But I particularly want to congratulate the president of our club. He gives Shakhtar his entire soul and heart, and given such dedication we must be the champions every season.

- What can we expect in the future? Do you plan to mark it this evening?
- We’ll discuss this matter. I think we are going through the time when we don’t quite feel like celebrating. What you saw today is the maximum.

- What’s the secretbehind your consistency?
- As they say, consistency is a sign of professionalism.

- Shakhtar’s stance on the Ukrainian champions in recent years has suggested that they are incomprehensible, artificial ones. How about this time?
- This championship is desirable as never before. We play not in Donetsk, not at our stadium. We don’t train at our base. And ultimately – we play without our fans. And we have duly passed this season, becoming the champions. I think there can’t be any claims to Shakhtar in this situation. On the contrary, we should thank the guys for becoming the champions given those crazy flights, and not being at home at all. They deserve every honour.

- Veni, vidi, vici. How was it possible for Paulo Fonseca to claim the championship with Shakhtar in the first season?
- This indicates that the club made the right choice. There are many factors. This is an indicator of the work of the club, the coaching staff and the players.

- We all saw Darijo, standing next to Paulo Fonseca, making the first phone call to the club president ...
- I also made my first call to the president. Congratulated him. The mood is very good and joyful! We are all happy.

- What did the president say?
- In such situations it’s difficult to talk about anything, except congratulations and well-wishing. Over the past few years, I haven’t heard him being so happy. I don’t know how it was visually. This victory is well deserved. Some serious work was carried out. Today we are happy and look forward to our next championship.

The tenth set of gold medals is a kind of anniversary.
- Moreover, one more plus to the previous victories. Today we’ve made a small analysis: in Europe there are only two clubs, whose presidents have claimed more than ten league titles. Our president gives so much heart to Shakhtar that we must win this title every season.

- Some clubs add a star to their logo after claiming ten titles. Will Shakhtar do so?
- We will decide. By and large this is more of a marketing trick. We’ll analyse what it gives us, and we’ll discuss all the pros and cons.