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Wednesday, June 20, 2018



The Brazilian recalls the highlights of his spell at Shakhtar and addresses the fans

- Bernard, what are your memories of the five years spent at the club?
- We might split this period into two segments: my first three years at Shakhtar turned out to be difficult, with the last two seasons being really delightful and happy. During this period, I was maturing and developing, being pleased with the results delivered by the team. We claimed wins and won titles, and the club continued to progress and has become just stronger.
- What are the most vivid impressions and important moments in those years: the best games, goals, wins?
- I remember lots of wonderful instances, and all our titles are very important. I’m happy to have been involved in Shakhtar's victories. Each match and every triumph have a special flavour, but I remember particularly well our meeting with Manchester City in the previous Champions League campaign: in order to reach the knockout stages, we had to beat the strongest team in England, and we did it. The outstanding game and strong emotional experience!
- Did your debut in the league and in the Champions League at the crowded Donbass Arena bring you any special sensations?
- Playing in the Champions League is my dream, and I’m grateful to Shakhtar for helping me to fulfil it. For me, that’s been an important achievement in my career. Playing at the filled to capacity Donbass Arena gave me some inexpressible emotions. The Miners displayed excellent football at the home stadium and got some powerful support from the stands all the time. For me, every match at the home arena was a big event.
- Together with Shakhtar you won nine trophies, including five in the recent two seasons. What do you make of the team's time with Paulo Fonseca at the helm?
- I’m sure that over the past two years we’ve won those trophies just thanks to Paulo in many respects. He’s a very smart coach, who shows patience in the course of training his players. He and his staff are real professionals and great people. I’m confident that with Fonseca Shakhtar will continue to grow as a club and achieve great success both in the championship and in Europe.
- Would you like to say or wish anything the club, your teammates and Shakhtar fans?
- I want to thank the players, the management, the coaching staff, the Shakhtar employees for the five years we spent together. No matter how far I am, I will always be rooting for the team, to rejoice at their victories and achievements. Many thanks to the fans for their support, respect and friendship. I want to give everyone a hug.