The major trophy is my family

Wednesday, July 10, 2019



Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov answered the fans' questions on live

We bring you the conversation highlights.
- Please describe your first day at Shakhtar.
- I remember it well. I arrived, Dmytro Chygrynskiy met me, and I lived at his place for five days. We knew each other well as we played in the national team. I’m really thankful to him because he arranged a small adaptation for me. I arrived at the base and thought that I would pick my player number, but they gave me a kit with number 30 and wished me good luck.
- Chygrynskiy or Rakitskyy: whose diagonal shots are cooler?
- Well, I can’t compare them. They are a bit different football players. We could talk for ages, but both of them are the best for me. Dmytro boasts some amazing right-footers, while Yaroslav is a left-footed virtuoso.
- Have you ever wanted to move to a different club?
- Nope. I wanted to move from Vorskla to Shakhtar, which I did. But here, I’ve had neither offers nor even thoughts about that.
- Are you going to retire at Shakhtar?
- I’d like to do so. First of all, it all depends on me and my ambitions. If the club is happy with me as a player, and if the coaches see me progress, I plan to play for as long as necessary.
- What did you feel when you learned that Darijo Srna was getting back to Shakhtar?
- I was immensely happy and congratulated him straight away. Darijo is our legend, the long-term captain. Believe me, his experience will still help us a lot.
- How do you interact with Srna in training?
- He’s already a coach, that’s a different status. Had Croats had a middle name, I would have called him by that middle name. I can always turn to Darijo both for advice and just a chat. I can also discuss certain issues with him, and he will report it to the manager.
- Is it possible to beat Darijo for the number of appearances for Shakhtar?
- Oh, I told him that he had retired early! But seriously speaking, God grant that I stay fit enough. I never chased personal achievements or records. For me, the main thing is the success of the team. Everyone will remember when they won the league titles and cups.
- What’s your favourite match at the Donbass Arena?
- Every single game there is my favourite one. We’ve been missing it so much! We recall it with nostalgia, we just can’t wait for the return, willing to play our best games there. We dream, wait and hope that peace will finally settle there.
- What new things did you learn from working with Luis Castro?
- He is a well-mannered, somewhat modest coach. There’s still a long way to go. We’ve got some completely different play, a different formation. Not all the guys have understood the correct positioning on the pitch yet. We’ve been working, we’ve still got more time.
- Will you reach the Champions League quarter-finals this season?
- I would like to do so. Much depends primarily on the draw that we are looking forward to. We will set an objective. Shakhtar’s major permanent objective is advancing from the group. We will not jump the gun, but we will try to achieve the set objective.
- Who would you like to play?
- Anyone except Manchester City – we don’t need it for the third time in a row. I’ve already said that I like meeting with the sides we’ve never played before. That’s interesting. Liverpool, for instance.
- The Champions League final will be held in Istanbul. Are you ready to lift the trophy there 11 years after winning the UEFA Cup?
- We will try really hard, I promise you. We will make every effort, but only the season can reveal whether we’ll succeed or not.
- What glove do you put on first?

- The left one. And I'm not superstitious. I don’t put on my right glove in order to shake hands with the opponents and officials before the game.
- What’s your major trophy in your life?
- My children and my wife. My family is the major trophy.